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General Notes is run by a a New York based architect John Young who delights in showing up the ignorance of journalists and government bureaucrats who have not bothered to read his website before interviewing him.

He tends to publish all emails and transcripts of supposedly "off the record" conversations, but he does, sometimes, eventually, remove personal names and contact details if asked to do so by the individuals concerned (i.e. only after they have been already indexed by web search engines etc.)

Cryptome welcomes documents for publication that are prohibited by governments worldwide, in particular material on freedom of expression, privacy, cryptology, dual-use technologies, national security, intelligence, and secret governance -- open, secret and classified documents -- but not limited to those.

Documents are removed from this site only by order served directly by a US court having jurisdiction. No court order has ever been served; any order served will be published here -- or elsewhere if gagged by order. Bluffs will be published if comical but otherwise ignored. has, over the years, suffered from computer hacking and denial of service attacks, bandwidth abuse by unfriendly web spiders and search engines, legal threats against domain name registrars and web hosting companies, ignorant statements by politicians, frozen online PayPal accounts etc. - exactly the same sort of things which has experienced.

Contact Details


   *   telephone:   (US) 212-873-8700
   *   fax:         (US) 212-787-6102
   *   email address: cryptome[at] It would help to start the subject line with "Cryptome."

Postal Address:

Mail: 251 West 89th Street, New York, NY 10024, USA

Social Networking publicity

Mainstream media print and broadcast journalists and politicians etc. i.e. influential people at which whistleblower leaks are targeted, are busy people, but can sometimes be enticed to read about whistleblower issues through Twitter or FaceBook or Blog RSS feeds etc.


Sadly, this twitter account, rather like the @wikileaks one, has been used to launch personal ad hominem attacks on other activists and to spread unsubstantiated disinformation about technology such as Tor.





Financial Donation methods

PayPal froze's account in 2010 but is seems to be working again:

Cash (the best for privacy), checks and money orders from any country are acceptable. Make out checks and money orders to John Young.

Mail to: John Young, 251 West 89th Street, New York, NY 10024

Currently accepting submissions of whistleblower leaks ?


Leak Submission Encryption

Digital Certificate fingerprints published on their website:

No - there is no web form submission system

PGP Public Encryption Key

John Young <>

PGP ID: 0x58A4971E

Created: 16/12/2007

Expires: Never

Type: RSA 4096/4096

Cipher: AES 256 bit

PGP Fingerprint: FC32 3A56 540F 29A4 5BD7 DFA3 C95E 4185 58A4 971E

Cryptome <>

PGP ID: F9FC4719

Created: 22/04/2012

Expires: Never

Type: RSA 4096/4096

Cipher: AES 256 bit

PGP Fingerprint=5D02 335F 26A1 BD73 BFE3 F519 3755 7319 F9FC 4719

TOR Hidden Service


I2P eepsite


Domain Name Resilience

The threats of legal court proceedings against Domain Name Registrars and Domain Name Service providers are lessons which emulators should take note of:

Domain Name Registrar domain name registration and web hosting has suffered from legalistic DMCA takedown threats by Microsoft's lawyers (now withdrawn).

Domain Name Registrar is the USA base Nework Solutions,

Multiple Domain Name Service providers, in different legal jurisdictions ?



NS48.WORLDNIC.COM Domain Name registration, DNS and web hosting is provided by Network Solutions in the USA, which, given the vast number of .COM etc. domain names etc. it controls, is well protected from external Denial of Service or hacking attacks etc., but does have to submit to USA legal or law enforcement demands.

Alternate Domain Name aliases

The main website is [], but this is a shared hosted website, without its own IP address, so this is more vulnerable to physical / denial of service / legal threat attacks than was.

The following alternate domain name aliases are currently available:

   * []

The following domain names are likely to be pointed at content mirrors if the website is censored again

   * []
   * [] appears to be in a state of limbo - registered until 2014, but no DNS

Actual Physical Mirrors of the website:

There a couple of not quite up to date physical mirror websites:

Quintessenz mirror: 

Sabotage mirror:

Robert Marquardt mirror:

This site has been used as a content mirror during the Microsoft DMCA takedown of the entire website:

Content available via BitTorrent etc P2P etc.

None directly from

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