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re: 30th December 2011 amendment:

However they are currently hosted in Iceland, protected by the IMMI; also they have Tor hidden services and do they promise internal bouncing.

Hosting in Iceland is already mentioned further down the page

IMMI is not yet law in Iceland

Tor Hidden Service is already mentioned further down the page

"and do they promise internal bouncing" [sic]

There is no such explicit promise on the current website.

What do you mean by "internal bouncing" anyway ?

There appears to be a style bounce.php redirection script for external URL links.

It may be of some small use on an actually published whistleblower document page, but it has no place in the submission system workflow itself.

This does not actually offer any real extra protection of the HTTP_REFERER variable, especially if you click on Open URL in a new Tab or Window rather than clicking through. Some antvirus software e.g. Symantec or the Firefox TorButton extension already protect against this anyway.

Do you guys really have a clue?: Here btw:!/BritileakTech/status/152525754624786432

Another note to the above link!/BritileakTech/status/153504480720199680

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