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Review by K. Mares for Rating: While I like the iPod irtngeation, as it can be easy to use, this unit has been incredibly problematic. It resets about every fifth on operation, for no apparent reason. When it resets, you have to repogram the radio station presets, settings, etc. It often freezes the connected iPod, which requires it to have battery run down to be reset. Also the unit is slow to respond when touching on screen buttons. The navigation is nice, bluetooth works pretty well, radio and rest of functions work well, but the resetting issues make me give this a poor rating. I followed the Kenwood instructions for updating the software, but that did not work. When I wrote to them asking for help, I have not received any response. I cannot recommend this unit due to its operational issues. After many calls with tech support, which tells me this is not a warranty issue, that the unit resets every day and does not work as advertised, nor can be updated with new firmware, I cannot recommend this unit. Purchase another brand. Kenwood’s customer service and tech support are not helpful nor customer oriented and this unit has way too many flaws.

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