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Yeah it is s-line , which means it comes with cooler seats IMO that have tncalaera inserts and contrast stitching (white stitches on black leather), and upgraded wheels. The interior is amazing hard to do better without spending twice the money. Way better than the BMW's and Mercedes it competes with. The back seat is actually pretty comfortable if you're not too tall. I'm 5'10 and I fit fine, but any taller and it would suck. Out of characters, so end of review.


What I was problematic for me was doing edit after edit after edit. My brain would read it the way it was ndeenitd and not the way that it actually appeared. My editor and I passed it back and forth between one another and the other challenge I think was that we edited while I was still actively writing. I would encourage you, after you're done editing and before you give it to an editor, give it to a beta reader first. Some of them will actually suggest edits and see things from a different perspective. I haven't used them yet myself, but I thought I would try out Critique Circle for my next WIP.

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