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General Notes

The Wall Street Journal is a major international business newspaper, part of the Dow Jones group, part of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation international media empire.

If you have newsworthy contracts, correspondence, emails, financial records or databases from companies, government agencies or non-profits, you can send them to us using the SafeHouse service.

What to send us

SafeHouse's interests are as broad as the world The Wall Street Journal covers - including politics, government, banking, Wall Street, deals and finance, corporations, labor, law, national security and foreign affairs.

We're open to receiving information in nearly any format, from text files to audio recordings and photos.

Contact Details


Contact Web Form

contact web form:

Postal Address:

Please send any documents that require mailing or hand delivery to:

The Wall Street Journal.

Attn: SafeHouse

1211 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10036

Social Networking publicity

The Wall Street Journal and its individual journalists, have multiple Social Media networking accounts




Multiple blogs:

Financial Donation methods


Currently accepting submissions of whistleblower leaks ?


N.B. this website was launched with an Adobe Flash plugin for displaying a graphical progress bar of file uploads, which allowed the real IP Address of the supposedly anonymous whistleblower file uploading computer to be logged, even if TOR was being used for anonymity.

The website currently uses a Javascript method of displaying the file upload progress, which only communicates with over standard web ports which should allow TOR users to hide their real IP addresses from the WSJ and from anyone who can intercept or legally demand such Communications Traffic Data.

Restrictive legal Terms & Conditions

Mainstream media groups have lots of lawyers, so some of the "small print" Terms and Conditions regarding Copyright and promises to comply with local Law Enforcement requests, are often directly contradictory to Whistleblower Anonymity protection. e.g.

Practical Advice on preserving Whistleblower Anonymity


Leak Submission Encryption

Digital Certificate fingerprints published on their website:


Qualsys SSLLabs SSL Server Test rating:

Overall rating: A [85]

Certificate: 100

Protocol Support: 85

Key Exchange: 80

Cipher Strength: 90

One of the best SSL Server test ratings of any website on the internet, including Secure Renegotiation and Strict Transport Security, no weak protocols or weak cipher suites

N.B. the SafeHouse website was launched with several potential security and anonymity weaknesses, which now appear to have been mostly fixed - - Wall Street Journal Leak Site Works on Security Fixes

PGP Public Encryption Key

None specifically for SafeHouse, but several Wall Street Journalists have published PGP keys over the years

TOR Hidden Service


I2P eepsite


Domain Name Resilience

The threats of legal court proceedings against Domain Name Registrars and Domain Name Service providers are lessons which emulators should take note of:

Domain Name Registrar

  Registrar Name....: CORPORATE DOMAINS, INC.
  Registrar Whois...:
  Registrar Homepage:

Corporate Domains based in Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Multiple Domain Name Service providers, in different legal jurisdictions ?

No is hosted in the United States of America and probably has the legal resources and political lobbying contacts to challenge any attempt at taking them offline through legal threats, but they may be vulnerable to US Government or corporate advertiser pressure.

Alternate Domain Name aliases

The following alternate domains are currently available:

    * []
    * []

is from United States(US) in region North America

Actual Physical Mirrors of the website:

None but if the whistleblower story is actually published by the Wall Street Journal, then there will be multiple copies of the story available online and in physical print.

Content available via BitTorrent etc P2P etc.


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