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General Notes

Bezpečnostní Informační Služba (BIS)is the "democratic" replacement for the notorious communist secret police in the Czech Republic.

Unless you are a terrorist or a spy, and as long as you do nothing to jeopardize the democratic system, the security and economic interests of the state, do not disclose confidential information, are not involved in organized crime and maintain no contact with people who do not have a clear conscience in these respects, you do not have the slightest reason to fear our interest in your person.

No SSL / TLS web encrypted web form, but BIS are one of the few intelligence agencies in the world to publish a Public GPG Encryption Key

Contact Details

Press inquiries
General inquiries
telephone: + 420 235 521 400
fax: + 420 235 521 715
email address:

Postal Address:

Bezpečnostní informační služba

P. O. BOX 1

150 07 Praha 57

Czech Republic

Social Networking publicity



Blog / RSS

Financial Donation methods

Not Applicable - Czech Republic taxpayers

Currently accepting submissions of tip offs / whistleblower leaks ?


Leak Submission Encryption

Digital Certificate fingerprints published on their website:

No web submission form

Qualsys SSLLabs SSL Server Test rating:

Not Applicable

PGP Public Encryption Key

PGP ID: 0x733BBEA2

Created: 03/03/2011

Expires: Never

Type: RSA 2048/2048

Cipher: AES 256 bit

PGP Fingerprint: 4608 C0CA 2C94 1E8A CA59 41D2 191B 300C 733B BEA2

TOR Hidden Service


I2P eepsite


Domain Name Resilience

Domain Name Registrar

Multiple Domain Name Service providers, in different legal jurisdictions ?

Name server list [] []

Where they are located

Two DNS providers, both in the Czech Republic

Hosting in the Czech Republic

Alternate Domain Name aliases


Actual Physical Mirrors of the website:


Content available via BitTorrent etc P2P etc.


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