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PattiI don't know if I felt that way about prose or papers I think hnivag very particular teachers and professors made me realize that if I wanted good grades, editing was required. However, I definitely did the same thing as you with poetry, Brigitte. If I wrote it one way, that's they way it was meant to come out and it wasn't getting changed. I guess I wrestle with the idea that poetry comes from my soul, whereas the rest of my writing comes very much from my mind (and to some extent, my heart). I like the diamond analogy, but with poetry, it doesn't feel honest enough if I polish it. Everything else, though, can always benefit from some cut and polish.It's been a long time since I really wrote any poetry oddly enough, that muse seems to have taken an infinitely long sabbatical but I wonder if I'd feel differently about it now. I re-read some of my poetry and still like it, but there are certainly pieces that could easily have been better. I think I justify not editing the poetry because I write that primarily for me and the rest, well, most of the time it's written with the idea that someone else will see it someday. Not that it's a good excuse.

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