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Our Leakdirectory project is still in a concept phase and in order to make it working we need your help.

We are looking for motivated persons with some spare time available (at least some hours per week!) to really put in place the project with the following main sub-projects to be done in different areas.

Research Area

* Contribute to the Leak Site Analysis doing analysis on each leak site into the Leak Directory
* Add relevant resources to the leak directory about the transparency movement related to whistleblowing

Mailing Lists

Please get into the GlobaLeaks Mailing list for anyone willing to contribute and/or discuss about the project.

Introduce yourself and how you would like to participate to the leak directory project!

Software Area

The software will be written, specification have to be carried on as a 2nd phase of development of GlobaLeaks Projects available on GlobaLeaks.

We need someone with web software development capabilities to make the software or to analyze existing directory software that could be customized for our goals.

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