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I am wniritg from Whangarei, New Zealand. I have the Southpoint Kalama and Bonga Perkins standup boards. I started out with the Kalama model. I bought the Perkins model 3 months later. It has taken me about 6 times out in the surf to get the hang of the Perkins model. It is very tippy in choppy onshore conditions. It is very responsive. You can drop into waves much later than the Kalama, which often nose dives during last second take offs. Nothwithstanding this, the Kalama model is a high performance board as well. It is very responsive. You can turn sharply, carve up and down big waves, lift the front of the board up like a skateboard while dropping down the lip of a wave as it is breaking, etc. It is probably much faster than the Perkins model because of its shear size. The Perkins model is more like a longboard. I often use both boards depending on the conditions. I tend to use the Perkins board in low tide conditions. Both boards are so much fun to ride.

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