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Apple SWOT Analysis,

Howdy daveyboy
I'm not ready to give up on TriCare, but some providers are. They are more restive about Medicare and Medicaid because, although the rich pay huge amounts to support those programs, the programs pay providers just above and sometimes below costs. In Massachussets, where providers are pretty much stuck, some are leaving the state, some are leaving medicine, and the others are having a hard time taking on new patients.
If you're going to try to tell me that VA and IHS care are good models, I suggest you do a little Bing searching for the number of people who will disagree.
Military healthcare was actually quite good when I was on active duty, hardly perfect but no healthcare system is perfect. One defect of military care was that, if you were at a small base in a small town, you might be flown halfway across the country for advanced care. As in literally from Maine to Texas happened to a friend of mine.
Going by my experience, the more completely a government runs an operation, the less responsive and flexible it is. Military healthcare, while reasonably good, had real problems in flexibility and responsiveness, e.g. an active-duty person might wait two or three months for an elective surgery and a family member might wait six months. That's less common in civilian healthcare settings. VA waits are commonly measured in geological epochs, like the NHS or our own IHS. It's sometimes called "ration by waiting list" with good reason.
So, again, what legislation withn the Constitution's limits would actually have contained healthcare costs?,

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