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Forbes blog article by Andy Greenberg

Anonymous Launches A WikiLeaks For Hackers: HackerLeaks

Earlier this week members of the hacker collective, and specifically a sub-group known as the People’s Liberation Front, (PLF) launched two new leaking sites, LocalLeaks.tk (not to be confused with the similarly named Localeaks.com) and HackerLeaks.tk. Both hope to receive documents through an anonymous submissions channel, analyze them, and then distribute them to the press to get “maximum exposure and political impact.”

But while LocalLeaks aims to use WikiLeaks’ model of insider sources to expose corruption on the local scale, HackerLeaks openly invites data thieves to upload documents through its submission system, so that they can be analyzed and publicized. “You download it, we’ll disclose it for you,” the site’s homepage reads, listing potential booty such as “databases, exploits, security flaws, documents, and email spools.”

LocalLeaks.tk which launched in January 2011, appears to have been blocked by the Tokelaku .tk domain name registry in July 2011

WHOIS searches now give:

  Your selected domain name is a domain name that has been 
  cancelled, suspended, refused or reserved at the Dot TK Registry
  Dot TK is proud to work with numerous governmental law enforcement 
  agencies to stop spam, fraud, phishing attempts, child pornography and 
  other illicit content on Dot TK websites. These agencies may contact the 
  Dot TK Registry directly with any enquiries they may have regarding the 
  usage of this domain by previous registrants.

The almost identically structured, but more controversial, hackerleaks.tk which launched on 25th June 2011 not been affected ?


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