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I waited until after I had enrute, then decided that the best way to get the issue I wanted dealt with into mass consideration was a collected volume. But I solicited papers from the top names in the field, paired them with emerging scholars, and then got a reputable press on board. The press's deadlines, plus the heavy-hitters on board, plus the fact that I had enrute and really could just walk away if it fell apart all made it work. I was never the bad guy (the press wants x, y, or z) and I in fact did drop a senior person for failing to produce. It's had better success than my monographs, but it is true that it counted for little when it came to merit pay, etc. I'd only add to The Professor's comments that if you want to do an edited collection you must know what you want to do it for. It's not going to get you enrute or pay increases, but it might increase your profile in your field and/or allow you to network.

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