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The Leak Directory (dot) org Project

Nowadays the whistleblowing environment is growing and the society is bringing the transparency into it's organizations, being public or private.

Every month some new leak sites, new organization supporting whistleblowing came out and we think it's important to provide a platform to understand the environment.

Particular attention goes to community driven leak sites that may be setup by organizations doing stealth information gathering.

Leak Directory Project want to create an online platform where collect, compare and review various existing leak sites:

  • Online directory of leak sites (with leak site research result, see below)
  • References of impact on news of leaks coming from the specific leak sites
  • Provide raw database access/export of information collected
  • Crowd source the submission of the following information
* Accept submission of new leaks sites to be added to the directory
* Accept references of new that had real impact following a leak coming from that leak site

The leak site directory refer to a leak site publishing it's Name, WebSite, RSS, Email, Social Networks, Logo, etc (see below)

The GlobaLeaks site administrator will be able to automatically submit their whistleblowing platform directly from the software.

Project phases

The Leak Directory project could be managed in two phases:

1) Setup a Wiki and start working on it creating the index (and making the 'research result' appear)
2) Setup a web application to manage such content and provide added services (submission, news notification, searchability, etc) part of GlobaLeaks platform

Leak Site Research

The growing number of different leaking methodologies adopted by various leaking sites must be analyzed in a research activity in order to identify formally the main differences and categorizations of the leak sites, in order to properly compare them and provide transparency of the methodology applied by the transparency movements.

The LeakDirectory Project, following this analysis, want to provide in the leak directory a way to compare different leak sites on the basis of their characteristics .

Just as example different leak sites may differ in:

 * Leak methodology
 * Anonymity profiles of various players involved (is the leak site itself anonymous? Are the leaker protected?)
 * Doing editing (having editorial capabilities)
 * Doing publishing (do they publish leaks on their site?)
 * Country
 * Language
 * Operation area (topics covered)
 * Are they transparent?

Most important, to provide a rating of an established leak sites is to be able to collect:

 * Known leaks that had real impact on the local leak site environment 

The result of the research we hope could be used in hackish and transparency conferences, published and be updated during time.

Crowd contribution

In order to allow the crowd to help with the project, the leakdirectory will accept the following submissions:

   * Accept submission of new leaks sites to be added to the directory
   * Accept references of new that had real impact following a leak coming from that leak site

Legal Analysis

It may be possible that in some countries, simply publishing a link to a leak site may cause some kind of responsibility, related to the possible issues and responsibility that the leak site may have. It's important to know in which country it should be better to place the systems and owner of the domain/site due to avoid possible legal issues.

Looking for Volunteers

We are looking for someone interested to work on the Leak Directory Projects to:

* Lead and manage the project groups
* Setup the right web application software (develop it or use/customize something ready)
* Start research activity to properly review and compare different leak sites
* Promote the leak directory site across the transparency ecosystem
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