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These issues (it is pblsiose to support wikileaks without excusing rape, wow) have been all over the feminist blogs I read, but you brought up some great points, the bit about horizontal organizing (off with his head), and that this incident is forcing discussion on the unacknowledged but way more common types of sexual violence. And yeah, Manning's heroism. What also isn't getting discussed is that this should not be a surprise for anyone. It is appallingly common that charming charismatic leaders are very often abusive and violent in their personal relationships. Some people don't attempt to redistribute power when they challenge it; they attempt to take it. It's different.On a sidenote, I would like to tell the anarchynews commentators who get very upset whenever there is a public callout of sexual assaulters and declare that crazy bitches are ruining anarchy by making it seem like anarchist activism is more rife with rapists than anywhere else, that in fact anarchyland is one of the few places in US society where you can call out assault outside the criminal justice system, and would you please stop trying to take that ability away from us, you are acting like Michael Moore? Anyway, no gods, no masters, destroy your idols.

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