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not that i expect ahtnniyg more from tracey cox (who had one method of sex therapy called lets make a tv show about your secx life that'll fix the problem) but what she has written there is shocking. but this is all too familiar. with the shoe on the other foot, i read an article in marie claire (train journey, bored) about what to do if your boyfriend doesn't want to have sex with you. the article summed up by saying but be honest, maybe it's you. have you been slobbing out in tracksuits or put on weight? no where in this article or in tracey cox's article was it suggested that you should talk to you partner, discuss why you feel this way, discuss the problems you might be experiencing etc etc.the whole phrasing in cox's response, her whole attitude to women's bodily autnomy is frightening! and what if you're not married? are you allowed to not feel like sex then? or do you only give up your right to say no when you are married? rage rage rage! yes james i take your point that a duty shag isn't the same as coercive rape but having been someone who in the past has consented to sex when most decidedly not wanting to (something i don't do any more thank goodness!) i can tell you it leaves you feeling horrible, cheap and used. i am sure her husband would not want to make her feel that way. sex is about mutuality and feeling comfortable with someone, and having fun! surely that is what is most important! and half consenting to duty sex is not about that. cath i totally second your advice.

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